FairTrak is an free cloud-based productivity monitoring service. By tracking application and web usage on your workstations.
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Employee Monitoring Software

Web surfing distracts workers, costing their companies billions in lost productivity.
Spot and stop waste of time and optimize your team for improved efficiency and productivity.

We've already monitored how employees spent 0 hours.

Employee Monitoring Software-FairTrak

Determine the reason behind dropped productivity

Web surfing is not always the reason for dropped efficiency, may be it is the new software that is creating difficulties in work or lack of proper knowledge about the assigned project. Analyze working approach, methodology and activities of your employees to spot chances for improvement. Consequently,

you can provide training or change tools if needed.

Find out what your employees are up to during working hours

Monitor computer activities of your employees to determine who is most productive and who is using your PC and internet for social networking or finding a new job.

Employee Monitoring Software-FairTrak
Employee Monitoring Tool - FairTrak

Improve employee productivity

Determine your most and least productive employees, track employees’ presence and activities, spot and eliminate wasted time and optimize your team.

Monitor websites and applications where your employees are spending time

See if you are wasting time and creating additional costs using suboptimal tools. Test new software you are considering and how your employees actually perform with it

Employee Monitoring Software 2018 - FairTrak

Why Your Business Needs Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software helps organizations meet their business goals while keeping their data, IP, and systems safe.

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FairTrak really makes it easy to analyze employee time utilization.

Steve Lockyer , CEO
@ Re Paint Pro

Manually monitoring employees is hardwork. Thanks to this software, we were able to save on administrative costs while promoting an honest working environment.

PJ Macmann
@ An Autumn To Fall

We are using your monitoring system and it is working. It has taken our worst internet using employee and scared him straight, whereas he is paranoid to start with. It has made him productive for once

Mr. Mehata, CEO
@ KCL Group